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Director's Training Course Outline

Available Training Formats: In-person, Virtual live, Virtual Pre-recorded, and COMING SOON on-demand RMPD University

Description: Each module is designed to provide two hours of tailored training.  

Target Audience: Lead teachers, Coordinators, New Directors, Existing Directors

The Director Training includes the following Six Core Modules:

  • Establishing and Maintaining and Effective Organization
    • Program Development
    • Program Operations and Administration
    • Program Evaluation
  • Business and Operations Management
    • Business Practices
    • Financial Management
    • Facilities
    • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Human Resources Leadership and Development
    • Personal and Professional Awareness
    • Human Relationships
    • Leadership and Support
    • Personnel Management
  • Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Environment
    • Knowledge and Enforcements of Regulations
    • Health
    • Safety
    • Nutrition
  • Implementing a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Environment
    • Curriculum Design
    • Teaching Practices
    • Child Assessment
    • Learning Environment
    • Environmental Assessment
  • Instituting Family and Community-Centered Programming
    • Positive Relationships with Families
    • Community Collaboration

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the distinctions between management and leadership, and consider how they use both in their role as a director of a Head Start/Early Head Start, and early childhood programs.
  • Review the HSPPS and how the standards apply to each of the modules
  • Identify best practices to make sure their work as a Head Start/Early Head Start director places families at the heart of their work by analyzing the family and community participation standards in the HSPPS.
  • Learn fundamental principles of communication and use them to meet the day-to-day communication needs of a Head Start or early childhood program director.
  • Discuss Head Start, early childhood development trends, and other concerns pertaining to directing Head Start/Early Head Start and childcare programming.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

  • After the completion of each training module, the participants will be able to implement learned strategies immediately.

Head Start Standards:

1302.92 Training and professional development.
(a) A program must provide to all new staff, consultants, and volunteers an orientation that focuses on, at a minimum, the goals and underlying philosophy of the program and on the ways they are implemented.

(b) A program must establish and implement a systematic approach to staff training and professional development designed to assist staff in acquiring or increasing the knowledge and skills needed to provide high-quality, comprehensive services within the scope of their job responsibilities, and attached to academic credit as appropriate. At a minimum, the system must include:

(1) Staff completing a minimum of 15 clock hours of professional development per year. 

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