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Observation Prep - CLASS

Available Training Formats: In-person, Virtual live, Virtual Pre-recorded, and on-demand RMPD University

Description: This learning management system course is designed to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge needed for them to understand, apply, and integrate CLASS concepts into their everyday teaching practices. Through comprehensive modules that provide visualizations of certified reliable observer expectations, your staff will be able to gain insight on how best challenge higher order thinking in children - ultimately setting up a positive environment conducive to effective learning.

Target Audience: All Head Start Staff


  • Instructional Support
    • Quality Feedback
    • Language Modeling
    • Concept Developing
  • Classroom Organization
    • Behavior Management
    • Instructional Learning Format
    • Productivity
  • Emotional Support
    • Positive Climate
    • Negative Climate
    • Teacher Sensitivity
    • Teacher Regard for Student Perspective


  • Knowing what to do in an Observation
  • Understanding Instructional Support
  • Quality Interactions
  • Understanding Behavior Management
  • Understanding Concept Development
  • Increase Scoring Average

Head Start Standards:

Based on the Head Start Program Performing Standards (1304.16) Except when all children are served in a single classroom, ACF will conduct observations of multiple classes operated by the grantee based on a random sample of all classes and rate the conduct of the classes observed using the CLASS: Pre-K instrument. When the grantee serves children in its program in a single class, that class will be observed and rated using the CLASS: Pre-K instrument. The domain scores for that class will be the domain scores for the grantee for that observation. After the observations are completed, ACF will report to the grantee the scores of the classes observed during the CLASS: Pre-K observations in each of the domains covered by the CLASS: Pre-K instrument. ACF will average CLASS: Pre-K instrument scores in each domain for the classes operated by the agency that ACF observed to determine the agency’s score in each domain.

This standard is understood by all parties to be a priority. This proposal offers a patented theory that offers a viable source of proprietary sources that can resolve and mitigate problems areas concerning the above standard.

1304.11 Basis for determining whether a Head Start agency will be subject to an open competition.(c) An agency has been determined during the relevant time period covered by the responsible HHS official's review under §1304.15:

(1) To have an average score across all classrooms observed that is below the following minimum thresholds on any of the three CLASS: Pre-K domains from the most recent CLASS: Pre-K observation:
(i) For the Emotional Support domain the competitive threshold is 5;
(ii) For the Classroom Organization domain, the competitive threshold is 5;
(iii) For the Instructional Support domain, the competitive threshold is 2.3 through July 31, 2025, and 2.5 on and after August 1, 2025.
(2) If an agency is determined to have an average score across all classrooms observed below the quality threshold on any of the three CLASS: Pre-K domains, the Office of Head Start will support the program to strengthen its coordinated approach to training and professional development as required in §1302.92(b) and (c), to help promote improvement in teaching practices and teacher-child interactions. The quality threshold for each domain is as follows:
(i) For the Emotional Support domain, the quality threshold is 6;
(ii) For the Classroom Organization domain, the quality threshold is 6;
(iii) For the Instructional Support domain, the quality threshold is 3.

According to ACF-IM-HS-21-03 

Effective November 2020, OHS published a final rule to update three of the seven conditions under the DRS. For the CLASS® condition, the final rule made three major changes. First, the final rule removed the lowest 10% criterion. Second, it raised the CLASS® competitive thresholds as follows: 5 for Emotional Support, 5 for Classroom Organization, and 2.3 for Instructional Support1. Any grant that receives an average score from a CLASS® review below one or more of these thresholds will be required to compete at the end of their current five-year grant period. Last, the final rule established quality thresholds for each domain of the CLASS® as follows: 6 for Emotional Support, 6 for Classroom Organization, and 3 for Instructional Support.

The new CLASS® quality thresholds represent the expectations of OHS for the quality of teacher-child interactions and the learning environment in every Head Start classroom. The CLASS® quality thresholds do not relate to competition, but instead reflect an opportunity for grantees to focus on quality improvement in the area of teacher-child interactions. For any grantee that receives a score below one or more of the CLASS® quality thresholds, OHS will offer support for quality improvement efforts. The establishment of CLASS® quality thresholds is intended to build on existing program quality improvement efforts to enhance classroom interactions beyond any set floor and will include more intentional OHS support for such efforts through training and technical assistance. 


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