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Get Ready For The Role Model Professional Development On Demand Staff and Family Wellness Series!

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused stress throughout family and staff members' lives—let us help get their hearts beating again by providing training sessions that will infuse new vitality into everyone!

Our training sessions will help infuse new life into the families and staff by teaching them about wellness, overcoming depression, disconnecting from stress, and reconnecting within the family. These strategies and tools can be used at home, school, and work, so everyone is better equipped when faced with difficult situations.

  • Introduction & Motivation - Shawn Brown 
  • Disconnecting From Stress - Sheryl Brown, LMFT 
  • Overcoming Depression - Pamela Shakir LCSW 
  • Encouraging Words: How to Deal With Child Stress - Bernadine Martinez, ME.D 

Introduction & Motivation 

Shawn Brown, Motivational Speaker will provide a motivational and morale-boosting session that includes laughter, high energy, and a real vibe that connects with all staff and families.

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Disconnecting From Stress

Sheryl Brown, LMFT will be instructing you to learn how to take better care of yourself by disconnecting from stress and maintaining your mental wellness. You should let the mind know it's in charge when you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed so that way, no matter what life throws at us - we can handle things with more ease!

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Encouraging Words: How to Deal With Child Stress

Bernadine Martinez, ME.D. is going to share a tool parents can use to destress their home by really connecting to their children’s area of giftedness. You will learn a way to recognize some behavior characteristics in your child, the ones that are their area of strength, the characteristics that could indicate they are under pressure, what could be a great motivator for them, and my favorite part, a way to connect with them using loving statements that speak to an area of their giftedness.

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Overcoming Depression

Pamela Shakir, LCSW says enough is enough. It's time to stop being dominated by depression. Come learn creative strategies to kick depression to the curb!