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Sheryl Brown is an invaluable asset at Role Model Professional Development as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, while also leading research and development for their trainings offerings. 

Sheryl is CLASS certified & reliable and says, " You shouldn’t be nervous if an observer is in your room unless of course you don’t know what they are looking for". Additionally she has incorporated CLASS Trainings, presenting workshops that are engaging yet easy-to follow to ensure maximum impact from any observer present in the room during Head Start Federal Reviews.

Sheryl Brown is a powerhouse of knowledge. This multi-talented motivational speaker, public administrator and therapist has impressive academic credentials - a Bachelors in Biology, Masters in Public Administration as well as Marriage Family Therapy and Licensure for the latter. While she's found success throughout her career journeys within California, it was during this time that Sheryl took full advantage of every opportunity to grow professionally.

Mrs. Brown is an exceptionally talented vocalist who has showcased her skill on many Super Fun Show CD projects, the most celebrated of which being "Born to Win". This collection displays a particular level of emotional depth that reveals Mrs. Brown's true talent and artistry in songwriting and performance.

Mrs. Brown is an inspiring author and publisher with a wide range of projects under her belt. She created the research-backed parenting curriculum, "Structure for Generation Y&Z" which has been adopted by Head Start programs across the country. Her own published works include books such as “Push: How to Birth Your Dreams into Reality” and “What all Children Want! (Structure)". Mrs. Brown also proudly helped bring her husband's children's book, "Born To Win", out into the world; developed to help foster social emotional development in kids everywhere." In 2022, she released her third novel, "Many Hats: Creating a New Version Of You', which captivated readers around markets worldwide.


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